Dextrose sweets, these are made using high speed, high compression equipment. We produce 4,000 - 6,000 pieces per hour on each machine 

Xylitol candy made into chips

The candy is poured into large sheets and hand broken into smaller pieces before being packaged into tins or bags


Black Cat Confections

6824 Kirkpatrick Crescent

Victoria, B.C.

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Pricing for compressed sweets by quotation only.

Prices are based on size, quantity, color, flavor etc.

We do offer stock flavors and colors in dextrose and xylitol

Small tins approx. 25 - 30g | $3.50 each
available in the following flavors:
- Anis - Blueberry - Butterscotch - Egg Nog
- Green Apple - Lavender - Lemon - Licorice
- Maple - Orange - Peppermint - Root Beer - Strawberry

For more information on xylitol, click here


Black Cat Confections

Manufacturer of Dextrose and xylitol based products


We are a Victoria based manufacturer of candy and gum

We specialize in dextrose and xylitol based products

Caffeine infusions and custom flavors are available



We have many flavors to choose from and are able to custom match flavors to suit your needs 



Custom tins, bags and boxes are available. We have fantastic packaging partners.



We are able to produce custom size, shape and colored candies. We can add your symbol or logo into the dies


With more than 20 years in the food business and numerous awards under our belt we are finally in a business that is more fun than any past project.


We operate out of our own commercial building just north of Victoria, our kitchen is spotless and food safety and cleanliness is our #1 priority. Our spotless inspection history is available online with the Vancouver Island Health Authority.


Facility visits are by appointment only 


If you are looking for our gum - please click here



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